Adventist Care (WA) Ltd is a not-for-profit company that is governed by a Board of Directors.  Each director is selected for their skills and knowledge and their ability to contribute to the further enhancement of the organisation.

On a day-by-basis Adventist Care is managed by an administration team whose members are dedicated to providing excellent services that exceed expectations. Key personnel in the Adventist Care administration include:

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Gary Blagden

Gary Blagden comes from a background of education having served as a teacher, school principal and as a State Director of Adventist Education in Western Australia for 22 years. Transferring to aged and disability care in 2007 has provided opportunities for Gary to broaden his administrative skills and build his knowledge based.  Gary is enjoying the challenges of further developing this company and extending its services.

Financial Controller

Mr Shea Adams

As a fully certified CPA, Shea is recognised for his exceptional skills in financial administration. Shea joined Adventist Care in 2009 and has assisted this company to grow and address the ever-increasing needs of the community. With a passionate quest to optimise efficiencies, Shea is making a significant contribution to this company’s future and reaching its potential.

Aged Care Facility Manager

Mrs Helen Hunter

Helen’s passion for the delivery of quality care to the elderly, developed over many years of aged care experience, is highly valued by Adventist Care. With a very clear understanding of the needs of seniors and with a strong emphasis on training and equipping staff to meet those needs, Helen provides strong leadership which helps to create a cheerful workplace and a happy and safe home.

Manager of Disability Operations

Mr Neil Cady

Neil brings to Adventist Care's disability service a wealth of experience, particularly in housing management for disadvantaged people. He has a passion for disability services and with strong convictions in the arena of social responsibility, Neil has great plans to broaden this Company’s contribution to the care and wellbeing of people with disabilities in Western Australia.