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What type of company is Adventist Care?
Adventist Care is an incorporated company owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. This company, however, proudly functions with a degree of autonomy. The Adventist Church does not take from Adventist Care’s funds the same way that our organisation does not rely on the Church’s resources. All surplus generated through our operations is funnelled back to drive Adventist Care’s ongoing progress.

What are the core values of Adventist Care?
The following are our core values as an organisation:

  • Trust: allowing God’s great love to influence how we relate to others.
  • Respect: recognising the rights of people to privacy, dignity, freedom of choice and a sense of value and worth.
  • Excellence: willing and dedicated to providing the highest quality service possible.
  • Commitment: steadfast in pursuing success by optimising the opportunities and resources available.
  • Compassion: providing friendship and encouragement in support of each other.

Who governs the future directions of Adventist Care?
A Board of Directors governs the future directions of Adventist Care. It ensures the company remains true to its mission and retains its capacity to offer meaningful, quality, and sustainable services to the community. An experienced, competent management team also ensures that the daily operation of each service is effective and, where possible, exceeds client expectations.

What makes Adventist Care a Christian-based aged care provider?
Adventist Care is founded on Christian principles, which are rooted in service, love, and compassion. Our team takes pride in our commitment to Christian values, where our fundamental practices include treating our senior residents with the same love and respect that Jesus showed us all. This is why Adventist Care aims to be recognised as an environment where faith and dignity grow and propagate.

How does Adventist Care ensure a holistic continuum of care for the residents?
Adventist Care provides more than basic care services for our seniors. We offer a genuine holistic continuum of care encompassing all facets of each individual’s well-being. Our team goes above and beyond to address every resident’s needs, from physical and emotional to spiritual and social.

Retirement Living

What is retirement living?
Retirement living refers to communities designed for people nearing retirement or those already retired. Seventh-day Adventist Care offers two retirement living options, namely Rossmoyne Waters and Busselton.

How is retirement living different from other housing options?
Retirement living is different from traditional housing in many ways. You get a supportive and engaging environment that aims to meet the requirements of retirees through a range of amenities and social activities, along with access to healthcare services onsite.

Are there activities and social opportunities available?
Yes, retirement living helps you stay fit and healthy physically, mentally, and of course, spiritually. You can take part in fitness classes, arts and crafts workshops, and social gatherings with your new-found friends.

What types of accommodations do you have?
We offer a variety of accommodations, including apartments and villas complete with activity rooms, lounge and alfresco areas, and boardwalks, among others. Please get in touch with us to help you select the most suitable type of residence that best fits your preferences and requirements.

Can I age in place and receive the appropriate level of care I need?
We understand that your levels of care change and progress over time. This is why Seventh-day Adventist Care provides a continuum of care to give you a seamless transition to a higher level of care when required. Please enquire about specific care options offered within a particular community currently in your consideration.

Where is Rossmoyne Waters located?
Rossmoyne is situated in the southern suburbs of Perth, WA, approximately 11 kilometres south of the Central Business District. It is just along the banks of the Canning River.

What are the key features of Rossmoyne Waters?
Rossmoyne Waters apartments and villas give you access to the prestigious Rossmoyne suburb. You can live in an established and esteemed retirement community where key features, such as superb views from spacious balconies, apartment living security, heated pool, spa, and sauna, stand out.

Why should I choose Rossmoyne Waters?
There are many reasons why Rossmoyne Waters is one of the premier retirement destinations in Perth’s southern suburbs. Although it is adjacent to the Yagan Reserve, one of the conservation areas within the Bush Forever program, you are not far from the city amenities and facilities. That means you can stay connected with your family and friends while still enjoying the tranquillity of rural living.

What type of lifestyle best suits retirement living in Rossmoyne Waters?
Rossmoyne Waters is for everyone, no matter your lifestyle preferences. The quality apartments offer spectacular views and are readily available with lifestyle-improving and supporting amenities. Whether you wish to enjoy quiet afternoon naps, positive social relationships, or fun-filled sports activities with a friend or two, Rossmoyne Waters has what you are searching for.

Is Rossmoyne Waters for me?
Rossmoyne Waters offers activity rooms, workshops, lounges, lawn bowls, and more. The amenities, modern infrastructure, and captivating community are why Rossmoyne Waters is considered a popular retirement community in Perth. If these features sound great, we are sure you will love retirement living at Rossmoyne Waters.

Is Busselton Village a good place for retirees?
Yes, Busselton is excellent for retirees and people planning to retire within a few years. The area offers a delightful combination of a serene coastal lifestyle, plenty of nature’s gifts, and a wide range of amenities perfect for retirement living.

What activities can I enjoy whilst living in Busselton?
You can enjoy an active lifestyle in Busselton and have several options to consider. As you are in proximity to clear-blue waters, you can go swimming and even fishing. Golfing is also a nice treat that lets you stay active whilst taking pleasure in the region’s beautiful attractions.

Do I have easy access to healthcare when living as a retiree in Busselton?
Of course! Seventh-day Adventist Care makes sure that healthcare facilities and services are well within reach. We work hard to guarantee you and your loved ones that you will always have access to quality medical care whenever necessary.

What amenities are available for retirement living in Busselton?
Busselton gives you a range of amenities and services that meet your needs as a retiree. The gorgeous town has supermarkets, pharmacies, and shopping centres, amongst many essential services. And because you live in a retirement community, you get additional support and security to ensure you live your life to the fullest.

How do I know if Busselton is right for me?
The vibrant community of Busselton is warm and inviting for everyone, no matter your lifestyle and preferences. You can easily connect with like-minded people and build new friendships centred on Christ. When it comes to retirement living, you can get independent living to assisted care, giving you the opportunity to find the housing solution that meets your requirements.

Home Care

What is home care?
Home care offers supportive services that you receive right in the comfort of your home. You can get assistance with your daily activities, from bathing to dressing to grooming and even meal preparation.

Am I eligible for home care services?
If you require assistance with daily living activities, you may be eligible for home care services. People who are ageing, those with specific illnesses or disabilities, and individuals recovering from surgery can benefit from home care services.

Is home care the same as other types of care, such as assisted living?
In a way, yes. However, home care is distinct because you receive care in your home. Assisted living, on the other hand, provides similar services but in a residential setting. With home care, you get to maintain your independence and privacy whilst living in familiar surroundings.

Can I modify my home care plan?
Yes, you can change some aspects of your home care service plan. Seventh-day Adventist understands that your care requirements eventually change, which is why we provide a more flexible and tailored service to meet your evolving needs.

Can my specific dietary restrictions be accommodated by home care services?
As part of our domestic support, we can accommodate your specific dietary restrictions whilst meeting your nutritional requirements. Please make sure you or your loved ones discuss the care plan with us, particularly any dietary needs and considerations you may have.

Residential Aged Care

What are the benefits of residential aged care services?
Residential aged care provides the personalised care you require to make life more enjoyable and convenient. Instead of staying home, you will be surrounded by doctors, healthcare professionals, and a supportive team prioritising your safety, security, and well-being. Plus, there are other older adults, making combating social isolation much easier.

How many facilities for residential aged care services do you have?
We currently have Sherwin as our residential aged facility, which has been around for several decades. It will be joined by a brand new facility, expected to be finished and operational in 2025.

How much will aged care cost me?
There is no fixed cost for aged care services, as it varies from one person to another. It will depend on the services and add-ons, financial situation, and assets.

Am I eligible for subsidised care?
We understand that residential aged care can be costly to some people. The Australian Government may extend financial assistance for the cost of your care; however, eligibility for government-funded aged care may depend on your health and support requirements.

What is the advantage of a Commonwealth-funded aged care service provider?
Seventh-day Adventist Care is a Commonwealth-funded aged care service provider. You can be sure that we meet all strict Aged Care Quality Standards. Our facility, along with the quality of our care and services, is routinely checked and monitored by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission of the government.

Where is your facility located?
Our facility, Sherwin, is situated adjacent to the Canning River. Its ideal location at the Rossmoyne site gives easy access to major transport routes. Close by is Rossmoyne Waters, where a number of our residents have moved.

What is the homely residential care program?
Our homely residential care program aims to make you or your loved one feel like you are home. Our facility has 60 beds and a friendly staff that will take care of you round-the-clock. The program includes holistic care focusing on physical, social, and spiritual well-being.

What facilities do you provide?
We currently have Sherwin as our residential aged care facility, which boasts several features and amenities, primarily vegetarian meals and premises that are smoke-free, alcohol-free, and of course, secured.

Will there be health professionals on-site?
Yes, we have doctors, fully trained and registered nurses, and carers on site. We also have physiotherapists and occupational therapists on our team. However, please take note that only nurses and carers are always present. Still, doctors, dentists, and other health professionals do visit on a regular basis.

What are your future plans for Adventist Care’s residential aged care facilities?
Since 1963, we have offered a supportive environment to dependent seniors within a single facility we call Sherwin. Although it has provided adequate space for the residents, there is a growing need for more. That’s why Adventist Care is investing in a new facility, which will soon accommodate more seniors in 2025.


Do you exclusively hire individuals who are of the Christian faith?
Whilst the Adventist Care values are deeply rooted in the Christian faith, our organisation actively fosters an inclusive work environment that thrives in respect, collaboration, and dedication. That’s why we warmly embrace diversity by hiring candidates based on their qualifications and skills. It is, however, important to us that our team members’ goals and aspirations align with our mission.

What qualifications and skills are you looking for in potential employees?
We require our staff to have relevant qualifications for their specific role, whether as a physiotherapist, personal care worker, or registered nurse. Additionally, team members should be service-orientated with a genuine concern for the residents and their loved ones. It’s pertinent to us that our professionals are reliable with a strong work ethic and remain open to learning and developing new skills.

What are the benefits of employment at Adventist Care?
Our employees enjoy the following benefits:

  • Working in a values-driven organisation
  • Being a part of a small organisation where individuals feel valued
  • With a robust sense of community within the workplace
  • Positive team spirit
  • Salary Packaging Benefits
  • Competitive remuneration and benefits
  • Professional Development
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Supplied Uniform
  • Anonymous Employee Assistance Program

How do I know the available job opportunities in your organisation?
Look for the “Current Vacancies” button on this page to see the list of job openings at Adventist Care.

I am interested in working with you. How do I contact you?
You may enquire anytime by emailing us to get more information at [email protected]

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