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Aged Care

Adventist Care operates with a strong Christian ethos that drives high levels of trust, respect, and dignity for all residents and staff.

Specialised care and
support for older adults

Ageing is inevitable. With time, a senior’s independence declines, as do their levels of agility and ability. They devote increased time on the couch or on the bed. Memories, while many, may become increasingly challenging to recall. Wellness becomes more difficult to sustain. Life invariably returns us to a predictable dependence upon others.

Thankfully, Adventist Care understands. Our team is experienced, equipped, and honoured to assist dependent seniors who seek compassionate, dignified and holistic support during their final days.

When Home Care is no longer sufficient, finding and securing a place within a quality Residential Aged Care Facility can be daunting for families. The Adventist Care team is experienced and confident in guiding families through the process. Adventist Care offers full-time residential care with government-subsidised care. This means the government will pay part, or all, of the resident’s costs, making it more affordable.

As a Commonwealth-funded aged care service provider, Adventist Care’s program is required to meet all Aged Care Quality Standards to remain fully accredited. The government’s Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission monitors the facility’s quality of care and services.

Families can be confident that Adventist Care operates a reputable and respected home for their loved ones and should expect exceptional services from people who really do care.

Adventist Care actively engages employees who demonstrate significant empathy and genuine concern for others. While practical skills may be taught and experience can be increased, the character and personality of valued staff remain crucial to their contribution to Adventist Care’s friendly, caring, home-like facility.

Enhanced Quality of Life What Does Adventist Care's
Personalised Home Care Look Like?

Adventist Care offers a variety of personalised services within your home to help you maximise your entitlements and to get more out of retirement. Adventist Care’s Home Care services can include these tailor-made services to meet your special needs:

Sherwin, our facility for residential aged services, has been revamped multiple times to meet the residents' ever-changing demands.

With easy steps and straightforward requirements, our staff will ensure a smooth process for you and your family.

The residency fees depend on your assets and income determined by the Commonwealth Department of Social Services.

A brand new facility next to our already-established Sherwin facility will be up and running in 2025.

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Residential aged care provides the personalised care you require to make life more enjoyable and convenient. Instead of staying home, you will be surrounded by doctors, healthcare professionals, and a supportive team prioritising your safety, security, and well-being. Plus, there are other older adults, making combating social isolation much easier.

We currently have Sherwin as our residential aged facility, which has been around for several decades. It will be joined by a brand new facility, expected to be finished and operational in 2025.

There is no fixed cost for aged care services, as it varies from one person to another. It will depend on the services and add-ons, financial situation, and assets.

We understand that residential aged care can be costly to some people. The Australian Government may extend financial assistance for the cost of your care; however, eligibility for government-funded aged care may depend on your health and support requirements.

Seventh-day Adventist Care is a Commonwealth-funded aged care service provider. You can be sure that we meet all strict Aged Care Quality Standards. Our facility, along with the quality of our care and services, is routinely checked and monitored by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission of the government.

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Let us answer your questions and clear your worries so you can make informed decisions about your care and well-being. Reach out to us or schedule a visit to experience our warm and caring environment first-hand.