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Aged Care

We can’t wait to introduce our new aged care facilities to provide support and compassion to even more people.

While Sherwin has served the community well since 1963, Adventist Care is developing a brand new, purpose-built Residential Aged Care Facility adjacent to Sherwin. This new facility will be operational in 2025 and offer exceptional accommodation opportunities for dependent seniors.

The new Residential Aged Care Facility will offer a household model, with each household accommodating 15 residents. The new model will create warm, welcoming, and homely living environments. It will offer improved infection control arrangements, as well. Resident rooms, dining and seating areas and open spaces will surround a central lightwell to provide natural lighting to permeate the facility. Outdoor terraces and resident balconies will offer ample opportunity to enjoy outdoor experiences safely. 

In addition to the new Residential Aged Care Facility, Adventist Care is delivering innovative assisted living units that complement residential aged care and offer supported ageing-in-place opportunities not seen before. 

At the time of transition, those living within Sherwin will relocate into the new facility and be privileged to be the first residents to experience the new and improved era of aged care support.

Visit Adventist Care’s live webcam to watch the progress of the new Residential Aged Care Facility.

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