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Home Care

Adventist Care's Home Care services can reduce the burden of daily tasks and allow you to focus your time and energy on the best things in life.

Professional Care in the Comfort of Your Home

Adventist Care’s Home Care services are exclusively offered to residents of Rossmoyne Waters.

Everybody wants to remain comfortably in their own home, in their own space and be surrounded by their own precious memories and treasures. Nobody wants to be forced unnecessarily to leave home in search of needed care and support. Home-delivered care by familiar and trusted Adventist Care staff is the best solution for seniors.

Adventist Care’s well-regarded name is based upon its nearly 60 years of delivery of holistic care to seniors. As an aged care specialist, Adventist Care understands what is required to make a friendly and supportive community.

Ageing is, unfortunately, a natural reality of living. However, the challenges of ageing shouldn’t be faced alone. Home Care offers a friendly face, helpful hands, and practical assistance to make each day brighter. 

From beginning to end, the Rossmoyne Waters experience is designed to deliver a genuine continuum of care. When independent living becomes too difficult, Home Care services can arrive to the rescue.

And should you eventually require more than what Home Care services can offer, Adventist Care has a residential aged care solution just a few steps away within Rossmoyne Waters.

Let Adventist Care deliver to you and your extended family peace of mind. Adventist Care will enhance your Independence, Individuality and Dignity.

Delivering peace of mind in your own home, Adventist Care is a people-focused organisation that exists purely to serve. As a not-for-profit organisation, Adventist Care offers its services at rates that remain reasonable to ensure good value for money. Enquire today to discover how Adventist Care can home deliver to you and your family peace of mind.

Enhanced Quality of Life What Does Adventist Care's
Personalised Home Care Look Like?

Adventist Care offers a variety of personalised services within your home to help you maximise your entitlements and to get more out of retirement. Adventist Care’s Home Care services can include these tailor-made services to meet your special needs:

Personal Care

Our home care services offer personalised care plans designed to your specific needs and preferences with an intense focus on promoting on your overall well-being.

Friendship & Companionship

We're not just here to provide physical health assistance but also to give you companionship, friendship, and emotional support whenever you need us.

Domestic Support

From light housekeeping to laundry and ironing to meal preparation, we take care of your household chores and tasks. That way, you remain living in a clean, safe, and comfortable space.

Clinical Assistance

We take care of the provision of healthcare or medical-related support. With trained professionals by your side, you can rest assured you receive specialised care and services addressing specific healthcare needs.


Remaining in a familiar environment surrounded by your loved ones can help alleviate stress and worry, but sometimes, you need to go to various destinations. We work with your family to reassure them you are receiving professional care, whether you have medical appointments or need to go grocery shopping.

Flexibility & Comfort

We provide care designed to fit your individual routines so you enjoy the support you receive at the most convenient time for you.

Learn more Frequently Asked Questions

Home care offers supportive services that you receive right in the comfort of your home. You can get assistance with your daily activities, from bathing to dressing to grooming and even meal preparation.

If you require assistance with daily living activities, you may be eligible for home care services. People who are ageing, those with specific illnesses or disabilities, and individuals recovering from surgery can benefit from home care services.

In a way, yes. However, home care is distinct because you receive care in your home. Assisted living, on the other hand, provides similar services but in a residential setting. With home care, you get to maintain your independence and privacy whilst living in familiar surroundings.

Yes, you can change some aspects of your home care service plan. Seventh-day Adventist understands that your care requirements eventually change, which is why we provide a more flexible and tailored service to meet your evolving needs.

As part of our domestic support, we can accommodate your specific dietary restrictions whilst meeting your nutritional requirements. Please make sure you or your loved ones discuss the care plan with us, particularly any dietary needs and considerations you may have.

more information Feel Free to Contact Us and Ask Us Anything

Let us answer your questions and clear your worries so you can make informed decisions about your care and well-being. Reach out to us or schedule a visit to experience our warm and caring environment first-hand.